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How Infractions Work

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Well it's not the end of the world but it does mean you have to try a bit harder to avoid getting anymore otherwise it may eventually lead to a ban.

Infraction points can build up on your user account at -OZ- and if you get 10 at any one time accumlated, you are automatically banned. 5 Points accumlated at any one time, will result in a one week temporary ban. The infractions are listed below:

Infraction List

* Breaking the rules of Signatures sizes: 1 Point (Expires in 6 months)
* Spam Posts or threads (as per Server Rules): 1 Point (Expires 3 months)
* Inappropriate language: 2 Points (Expires in 3 months)
* Disrespect or Abuse toward Player in a Post: 2 Points (Expires in 9 months)
* Inappropriate Avatar: 3 Points (Expires in 7 months)
* Pornographic Material: 4 Points (Expires in 6 months)
* Racist Post/Comment: 5 Points (Never Expires)
* Voice Server Abuse: 5 Points (Never Expires
* Hacking on our servers: 10 Points (Never Expires)

Any disputes about Infractions will be directed to the clan magistrate, I0nwr1t3r
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