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I dont get it. lol


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Hey on this stae of origin and scrim team i dont get it lol i get the e-mails were to be but i dont go cause i think im not in a team. So could someone explane it please thanks.

Cheers Thekid


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Ok i dont get how the (scrim team) and (state of origin) works?? and the HzD <------ i think what it called. I was wondring if anyone could tell me what these things are?


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Ok so the OZ and hZd scrim teams both play on the GA ladder ( which is the australian competition for ET).

The state of origin was supposed to be a scrim for players on the OZ server who were from Queensland and New South Wales. It has already been played so dont pay any attention to that.

If you want to play for the OZ scrim team just contact OZ Ryan.

A scrim is basically a game between 10 or 12 players (5 v 5 or 6 v 6). One team attacks to start off with and the other defends. The attacking team tries to finish the obj as quickly as possible and the defending team tries to stop them. At the end of the round (the round ends when the attacking team finishes the obj or when the time runs out) the teams then swap around. So this time the attacking team defends and tries to beat the other teams time. If they beat the time then they win the round. Scrims are first to 3 rounds. So whoever scores 3 rounds first wins.

Do you understand it now?

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Sure do mate, I am not in charge of the GA scrims, although I may assist where I can Ryan is leader of Scrimmage(Scrims) currently.


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Oh ok i get it is OZ v HsD and it happends like evey 2 months or so. And waht server il ask ryan that?

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Not OZ vs Hazard. They're two of the teams in the competition. There are like 17-19 teams or something. Lots. Each team challenges another team within so many rungs of them - it is a ladder, best team at the top, worst at the bottom. I don't remember how they calculate your position for going up or down, but basically if you're a member, you turn up when the captain - Ryan - tells you to and you play 5v5 ETPro of whatever map has been picked by Ryan.

You typically have a match every week, friday, saturday or sunday, starting sometime between like 5 and 11pm or something. The time depends on what the other team offers and your team picks, or what your team offers.

Current team: http://www.gamearena.com.au/pc/games/ti ... amid=40731

Rules: http://www.gamearena.com.au/pc/games/ti ... tion=rules

So didn't realise it was 5v5 now. Shrinking community I guess.


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If/When I get better interwebzzzzzzzzzzzzz..... I shall apply for your OZ team...I wouldnt mind some GA scrim action....unless MOFO squad is there then they are my first priority :D