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Introduction to Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

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Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

Splash Damage has re-issued one of the most ground breaking first person shooters that redefined the video game industry.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is one of the most played first person shooters in gaming history & here at OverZealous Gamers we host the largest ET Pub Server in Australia.

Most important of all, IT'S FREE!

If you like dropping artillery barrages on snipers or charging through a hail of heavy weapons fire, saving your teammates from certain death with your field surgical skills, or unleashing the firepower & diverse weaponry available to all soldiers on the battlefield, or try stealing into an enemy base to sabotage enemy operations using subtlety, assassination & misdirection on you covert assignment & if that isn't enough, if blowing shit up with a whole lot'a dynamite as an engineer is more your thing, then Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is the game for you!

Enter into Europe & North Africa, where you can unleash the power & the fury of the Nazi forces as they lay waste to all who oppose them as they build the Thousand Year Reich or join the Allied forces who lead the Free World in a last ditch attempt to throw back the Germanic horde & save the world as we know it.

Take up arms & join the OverZealous Gamers Now!

Available on Mac , Linux & PC (Hell , I'd run this badboy on my iphone if I could! ;) )

This message has been brought to you by the OverZealous Gamers Ministry of War Time Propaganda. :p

Enemy Territory Download | Missing A Map? Get It Here | ET Pub Server IP | Need An ET Key?

System Requirements
OZ Teamspeak 3 Server IP ts.overzealousgamers.com

Fragarea 3 Fusion - Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory​
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