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Iphone Supporting Flash!

For a long time the 'platform game' has been companies trying to make their product a de-facto standard.

You'll find that it does nothing to help technology and creates artificial problems. Mac OSX and Windows are incompatible by design. The only reason the web took off was because it was a neutral platform between the two. Now it has developed to be an application platform.

However if you take it back a notch - Flash, HTML 5 and other 'interactive' things are largely re-inventing the wheel. Cloud computing, platform-indipendant and on-demand programs & media have been available for decades in UNIX and other POSIX like systems. The ONLY thing new is the web and flash itself. FIle transfer, remote login, location-less and multimedia messaging - all existed yonks ago.

Ever thought why you cant just put a URL that points to an EXE which runs in 'isolated mode'? And why you couldn't do the same on a Mac? Why? Why cant you? Its only software. These are artifical limitations which people think are normal for computers. They are artificial limitations. And the divide between what is a cellphone, a PDA, or a laptop is also as artificial.

Seriously, if you ditch Microsoft and Apple - computers make a hell of a lot more sense and things are much less confusing. These companies compete by trying to get familiar terms/words/products into your head so you get used to them. Consider this: A 'Mac' is just a PC with different software on it. Buying from Apple is like buying from the local computer store who makes his own software.

I have written a very simple step-by-step page which explains the entire platform situation, along with a very easy to understand guide to what a Mac is, a PC and other systems. I explain what the x86 CPU is and ARM cpu and why its very important.


Theres also a video explaining it.