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my fellow OZG players, those who have been here for a while remember many resets,
all the way back to the days of blackmist vs Belkans.

The server i knew, is a pvp survival server, when entering 'pvp' world,
it is called pvp. yes so people can kill.

the fun is killed, in 1 or so hour, i and a friend have acquired over 15 stacks of diamond blocks,
why? i dont know why? it was there, everyone is loving it, but WHERE IS THE SURVIVAL PVP

what is the point when everyone has every little thing.
i really BEG! that you reset the map to normal, reset all player data, mcmmo, ender chests
all of it! because what is the fun when no one even wants the 'valuables'

This is creative mode without the fly. and i really cant be apart of this

This is why the server is now dead.


your fellow player,

please make this server the greatness it once was.
don't stand for this ruining of the world and server.
and to the real factions survival pvp.


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Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

The map will be regenerated with more rarity.

Please keep criticism constructive, saying "OZ is now dead" is not constructive and a slap in the face to admins who have worked hard for you guys.

Saying "there is too much diamond in the map" is constructive.

People make mistakes and thinks get overlooked, we are only human.
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i dont think a more rarity of diamonds will improve anything,
even a great amount of more rarity means still way to many in 1 spot,
people have multitudes in their inventories and enderchests,
that stuff shouldnt be pulled over to any new map
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