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Its official - I cant see right!


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Just to verify my claims made over the last few months, it has been verified today by a visit to an optomitrist. I have a decent case of Astigmatism as defined here. Also going long sighted.

I probably have been driving people bananas with "I gotta get my eyes checked" all the time - well I am now getting glasses made for me as my sight is confirmed as faulty.

Hopefully when I get the glasses I may be able to play well for a change.

Anyone know how to contact Myther by the way? From memory he is an optomitrist.

Anyway - its proven - I am partially blind per se!!!! :banana:


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Soz horey, myther is a dentist.

Maybe also get some fooking curtains so you don't always whinge about not being able to see because of the glare from the window :)


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Now that you are certified blind horus, you are officially qualified for a linesman's job in the NRL!


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blusky said:
you don't need eyes to see how beautiful we would be together

Oh you are so right :):)

i0nwr1t3r said:
Was it ever in doubt Horie? :banana:

Says me with a third of your k/d ratio. xD
I just say and spray with the rnade a lot - not that much skill involved and proven by the diagnosis now that I fluke a lot.

Inglourious Basterd said:
[quote="Akh-Horus":3auebule]I am partially blind per se!!!!
Join the club. Need to go to the Optometrist also.[/quote:3auebule]

It wasnt that bad - just going to cost a lot for glasses.


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Hasn't whorey suffered enough and now you kents want to rub salt into his wounds with some comic sans...........
You heartless bastards!!!