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Jooru's Junior Moderator Application [NOT PASSED]

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Joel Letham

New Member
Real name: Joel
Ingame name: Jooru
Age: 17
Applying for: Junior moderator
Hello gents, I'm applying for the position of junior mod as you probably gathered from the title. I live in NSW Australia and have been playing your server in the faction Belkans for a few months now. I'm currently in my senior year of school and I'm filling out this application instead of studying for my maths test at the moment. (Procrastination for the win! :D)
I love the server and play it quite often with my mates, it's great fun.
My previous experience with moderating is from my own personal server and other private servers. I know the commands and such.
I think this is a long enough application, and I know by now you're thinking "This guy sounds pretty awesome, I think we should let him be a mod, he'll be cool about it, and we can train him in the way to the dark side. Yeeeeeah"
Hope you accept me. :3
Not open for further replies.