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Joseph2409's junior moderator application <3

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Joseph2409's Junior Moderator Application

Name and Age.

My name is Joseph
My age is 18

First name is just fine, thanks :)

Life, Events and FUN stuff.

Well, where to begin.
I guess I should start with the day I was born on a bright sunny day. Birds chirping. Flowers blooming. in the Spring of 1994 :)
as all kids, I grew up (somehow) playing soccer from a young age and going to school. I remember on a hot day of summer in kindergarten, A Aboriginal man was brought in to talk about the Aboriginal spirituality. Needless to say all of us being little kids, everything kinda went straight in 1 ear.. and could you guess? that's right :) right out the other! (who knew!) but he told us about how they would eat ants (sugar ants) during the next lunch break, I decided to make it a mission to find an ant, it wasn't long before I found said ant, and decided to try and consume it.... Lets just say... I didn't eat it.. it kind of bit my tongue and I cried. that memory will always stick with me.

Around the same time in my life, my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and went into hospital for about a year. Being so young I didn't understand or really comprehend what was really happening, so. Dad took me and my brother to lightning ridge, I cant really remember why, he had something to do with a opal company called EOpal
attending the school there, I thought i was cleaver to use play, plastic money, to convince the canteen ladies to let me have a jelly cup :D (best day of life up to that point so far!!!)

my mother ended up passing away at the end of last year, and it's actually one year since tomorrow (7th)

I don't really remember much after that for quite a while.
I now attend a catholic school in my senior year of education (and i assume you know what that's like Mr admin who reads this :) )
I no longer play soccer ( as of this year) and now do Tae Kwon Do. I have a Job as well obtaining my own income at a nice steady rate.
my focus after education is to go to uni and do medicine, and if I do not achieve high enough ATAR ill do whatever it takes to do it.

Position applying for.

as the name suggests, I would like to apply for the Junior Moderator Position within the server.

Why I think I deserve this position

I wouldn't say I deserve it more then the next person really. I have been on the server for quite a number of months, before the reset occurred. Unnecessary Detail Removed

Past Experience

I used to host a server by the name of "Creative-Craft" for a good 2 months, it was never at any one point empty.. EVER. It was a hard time consuming position as everyone had creative freely, (I know not the smartest idea) but i managed it well, setting up my own permissions for players, I could easily identify griefers and in 5 seconds flat i could un-creative them, jail them, and convict and shame them with a player rank in capitol pink letters of "GRIEFER" I never banned them just shamed them. I have hosted other mini servers for friends, such as jooru and thatlvl3dude. I have been a Co-Owner on a server before that was open for about 5 months before they couldn't pay any more.

All Sorts Of Stuff!! You have left me to decide ;)

since you have left me with this honor of presenting you with "all sorts of stuff" i present you with this!

[rabbit] a bunny rabbit! :)

thank you for taking the time to read through the much of the above writing.



(before applying, I did not hold a -OZ- clan member, which I have applied for now)
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+1 on the well set out application joseph :) and the bunny rabbit is a subtle, yet cute touch. Well done!

Oh and please, lets not turn this into a flame war, if you really need to talk about this take it somewhere less...public. (skype)



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Please refrain from posting such things, if someone thinks something is wrong with an app, they are free to say so...... in a private message, to one or all of the relevant admins/leaders located here.


Guys this is an application , leave admins to respond the application based on it's merits.
MC Admins feel free to delete off topic posts.


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Congratulations on Joining OverZealous Gamers Junior mod Minecraft, your application has passed.

You now have access to the OZ Jnr Mod Commands.

If you have any questions/concerns please check our FAQ Page or The server/forum Guidelines and Rules

Kind Regards,
OverZealous Gamers (-OZ-)
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