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Joke :D

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I have a Joy to sell

Made in Australia with Asian influences, so she goes well.
Very few km/s, Good Condition
Comes with a good condition CPU, but the head chipset may lack abit.
1GB memory
HDMI input
enough slots to support 3 hard-drives, although with a bit of work you could probably fit 2 hard drives into each slot. ;)
Size means portabiliy and whem moving from one room to the next, for when going for a LAN party you can take her easily.

Not sure what price to make it, so i'll start the bidding at $5


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The Admiral said:
$6 from me. I haven't won an auction before.
Spoiled goods. Not even worth $6 in my opinion. Having inspected the item on auction prior, it is heavily worn out and displaying signs of tear in the abdominal region.
$3.50 at the highest.


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sif u cant put wat i own up on auction lachlan
f.uck ya :D
if i really hav to put a price its ?

The Admiral

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I know the bridge from #1 and #3!

Dunno Triggz, you can't really lower the price on Auction, so all I can go is everything Happy has + $1. Quite possible he has more stuff than me, but eh. I tried BR. Maybe if BR and I combine our moniez, we can win together and share Joy!


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ill buy joy and put her to work on the dirty streets on the valley. wont be a good investment but will be fun to be a pimp for a while


hahaha you are all such an awesome laugh
MORBIT! you have seen me on the toilet lol... sigh how you have that image i may never know lol! ahahaha :)
FLEKZ, i dont want to work at the valley, i would prefer the city thank you vey uch, prefs infront of the hilton

BLUSKYYYYY, you already have rainbow hahaha and i want rainbow! reckon we could strike a deal? ;)


omgomgomgomgomg mike you know wha i want! hahaha :)
youre so on! as soon as both of us wake up properly first :D


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ill buy her so you filthy cads cant do anything! what do i buy? her freedom from you silly auction. :p


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And a free one way trip in my blue and white taxi to whoever tries to beat me !!