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Katie_MoMo for Admin or Mod

hello. my name is Katie on minecraft I go by the name of Katie_MoMo
I am 16 in age. I have been on this server since it has started.
I would like to be Mod or Admin (Oz) because I am always happy to help and I spend a lot of time on this server. I am a regular player on this server. I m not nerdy . I love video games and spend pretty much all my time on them mainly minecraft since it is my favourite game.

what i can offer to OZ: well i am always happy so i welcome people. i am not a nerdy person but very social.

gaming background: i had my first DS at 7 and never stopped playing games since.
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Thank you for this app, though we are not actively looking for mods/admins for the minecraft server at the moment. But, you can join the clan itself instead :)