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KFC putting people into spec because he feels like to go on some team

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dont know but could just be that one didnt connect to axis
on the topic of kfc he tried to putspec a person but was denied
5:07:34 say: kfc: !putspec vito
5:07:36 say: kfc: permission denied
and all the rest 5 times all up did not go through as it was doing the wrong command


if they want to pack or open doors to the other team let them they will just get shot
That's the thing, though ... they don't get shot because the other team knows that they're aiding and abetting the enemy.

So, for example, you could be up against kfc and his squad and yella's on your team handing them ammo or medpacks!
It invariably leads to rq amongst the other regs which does the server no good at all.

Bandi is the only admin that does something about it and we appreciate it. Perhaps it (the act of helping the enemy) could be added to the rules as an illegality?

Regarding kfc, I think phillgates is right.
And if there's a loophole to be exploited, you can bet your boots kfc and the goons will be the first to do it!

BTW, !freeze is the only command that makes a difference to their behaviour.
Complaining about it in the forums is exactly what they want us to do. They love and crave the notoriety!
And if they can rile me or zulu, even better! Makes their day!
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Definitely trolling. In Bandi's screenshot, nothing happened after peng used the !putteam command. If he had admin, there would have been a confirmation message line from the server that the command had been executed yes?? :android:
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