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KFC voting me spec...because he feels like it

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I understand re your mother, and you're right I was not there - but wasn't it by other players? not pengu.

In the past you threw around hackusations a lot. This must get tiresome for genuinely honest players who are more skilled than you. RE suspected hacking, take a demo. To use Aussie slang: either put up or shut up. All our actions have consequences, and the past informs the present.
Everyone is at fault here, there are no innocent parties.

I'm often here 7pm for 2-3 hours, I've seen it unfolding. They make needling comments about k/d, worst player ever etc - usually after a map has ended - and you react explosively ("go fuck a donkey"). Obscene insults put you in the wrong too. They don't say "everyone is below them". They don't insult my lack of skill, or likw wag's for example. Casius cops some insults re gameplay, as do Asche and Swizz sometimes. I don't know how they take it but here's the thing - they don't comment or react, so it never becomes an issue or drama.

Don't let it bother you. Let it slide like water off a ducks back.
Do you really want me to !smute goon for 120 seconds like you are incapable of standing up for yourself without getting irate? I recommend option
► b) respond light-heartedly, altho ► a) ignore and chuckle to yourself at foolishness of humans or just go have a cup of tea is still more sensible than acting as you do. Some people find it amusing the way you behave. They don't want you to STFU.
They wind you up because you get so red-rage maddened expletive-ridden ANGRY
So don't play their game. Ignore it. It will probably peter out because they get no joy.
If you continue to react with aggressive language and abuse, then you don't have a leg to stand on and are equally at fault. In light of your own behaviour I don't have much sympathy for your complaints about others'. Glass houses and stones etc.

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Also, Vito tells me that he was endlessly spamming the fireteam invitations one night to both himself and zulu.
Unfortunately there are no server-side controls for fireteams, nor do they appear to be logged; better to just join and leave it at that.


Can you please let Don know I saw the dentist today, dentist patched up the tooth, nothing too serious. What a relief!
I will certainly let the Don know, doggins. Glad to hear the tooth is ok!
(BTW, I'm envious of the Don's upcoming Vegas trip!)

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I think this thread has said all it needs to. Voting has been updated, see the pub log for changes.

Hopefully we can all just enjoy some good games :)

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