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lagg issues

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I've noticed recently great amount of lag in resent days. its really annoying as i have been focused on removing a lot of land and have had to take my hands off the keyboard, flex my fingers so i don't rage and carry on, till finally I've had it. the OZclear hasn't worked (i lost a god pickaxe to it) and i think a lot of the main players may be hacking or lag switching or something. but please try to find the cause and sort this out if youre not already (but i assume you have looked into it due to the introduction of OZclear). ive had enough of sinderley always saying 't' to test it or saying 'lagg'. thanks


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Seriously, so much lag
The auto-clearer was changed down to 20mins in regards to this issue, unless its something erroring, we may not be able to fix all lag since some will come from where you are in relation to the server and what the datacenter is doing at that time


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