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Lockheed Martin puts computer on flash drive

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Quit flaming me.

Dude your attitude about linux and any system involving the linux kernel is overwhelming. We do not want to hear about how you think it appears to people.

Now I have worked in secure enterprise environments. The only OSes that arent developed in-house are things like red hat or suse or systems based on those. Usually desktop OSes arent even involved. Almost everything is headless and accessed via terminals. Windows is a desktop operating system. The majority of critical infrastructure systems arent desktops. In short - the world runs on command line :p

There is a huge industry surrounding securing and rating software for military and/or critical environments. Look at ASOS for example.

The Army Secure Operating System (ASOS) is a family of operating systems intended to serve the tactical needs of the US Army. It currently comprises two systems designed to be certifiable to classes C2 and A1 of the DoD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TCSEC). Both operating systems provide a common user interface, support real-time applications written in Ada, and are configurable and easily portable to alternate hardware architectures. A brief overview of the development is presented, including a description of the hardware/software architecture, the current status of the project, and a review of lessons learned during the three year development
Have a look at all the orange book stuff

In short - the whole 'zomg end users wont know how to use it cos its not windows ahhh' thing is just flame. Seriously TH take it to another thread. I already know all about this stuff.

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But back on topic.

There is a lot to be said about tiny take-eveywhere objects that log you into a terminal. I have always liked the idea of having a card which followed you around, and you put it it into a workstation to provide your login.

Ive seen them in government. If you yank the card out of the slot in the keyboard, the PC locks. And you cant use any computer without your swipe card & a password.

Sun Microsystems had these wicked cool dumb terminal/mainframe machines where your session actually followed you around. You would yank your card out of one machine, rendering it useless, and put your card into a second machine & bam your desktop appears.

Radical :)
Are you retarded cake? That link you posted does not say that linux is used in any form whatsoever. You need to realise the difference between protocols and actual physical things. The TCSEC is basically a protocol about handling information. Please /quit your fanboi argument now.
Also about your point of OS's that are developed in house are of course going to be of linux decent, you cannot make Windows without some sort of lawsuit due to intellectual property infringements. I don't care if your enterprise system works headless or not, the usb that LM is offering is clearly nothing to do with it. Stick to the topic at hand and try to understand that I am merely stating reasons for why LM is offering this product and why it would actually sell over alternatives such as the linux variants.
You think you know everything about linux cake, you are not alone, I have to deal with linux in many of my projects in embedded systems or networking so get a grip. Noob is also far beyond you in linux knowledge as we all saw by the script thing that you offered mess not being up to scratch.
End your fanboism, listen to what people are saying. I am not saying linux is bad, I am saying it would not sell in this product for the reasons I have stated in my previous posts.


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Are you retarded cake? That link you posted does not say that linux is used in any form whatsoever
I didnt say ASOS or secure inhouse dev stuff was based on linux. What gave you that idea?

Why are you even telling us this?

I'm not saying im some super expert on linux. I am saying I've done more than my fair share in secure computing environments. I've seen more systems and platforms than I can shake a stick at. And most of them WERENT linux. The linux/windows thing is a pretty awkward topic for you, and its OK. But seriously I've been there and done that. Its like you're telling god how to make humans.

My point is - the really rock solid stuff is built in house and/or developed to those specifications. The whole 'zomg its not windows' thing is irrelevant. 99% of the time, Windows systems sit on a desktop hard-wired into text-based interfaces using things like PuTTy or AS/400 kinda things. Thats the closest Windows machines get to secure environments.

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One more thing.

And whats with the 'youre not so awesome at linux, cake. your scripting sucks' stuff? Stop with the flaming. Im not the Linux King. I never said I was. But when eventually you sit on top of a network housing millions of connections of various types, supporting whole countries infrastructures, both private and public sector, providing national and international critical services like medicine, finance, military, you will be able to lecture cake on secure computing environments and what the users think of windows.

Half the places I worked at, I cant even take a wee without swiping a security card 2 or 3 times. I could fire a handgun at my office window and the bullet would bounce off & hit me in the face. You get my drift? I are know more than you so count yer losses & just agree with me on something for once.


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-OZ-Trigger Happy said:
Take Apple for example, the products they make are quite simple and most people go "zomg anyone could make that" but the difference being that Apple have a kick ass marketing team and know how to make people buy their stuff no matter what it is. Hell, Apple could sell a turd on a stick and people would buy it because it is familiar to people.

Yeah, well people are stupid and naive. Who the Hell would want to buy a cheaply made, nasty little Apple product?
Yes cake, I will believe that a person who has major anger issues on silly things that happen in a game is sitting on top of a international infrastructure.
Considering how you crack it at anyone who has a difference in opinion to you makes me wonder how you would function with people who choose something different to you in real life. Given that for places that have different layers of security, you have to undergo many psychological tests and what not, again I doubt much of what you are saying :)


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Well aside from that being a really horrible thing to say trigger. Youre right. Its why i are not working anymore. If I make a mistake then bad stuff happens. And I am constantly forgetting and screwing things up and I cant work without supervision. So are retired from work.

So thats my excuse for being angry and demanding like I have PMS. Whats yours? :p I dont wish to be horrible cmon cut me some slack. Im still beautiful u know. Look at these firm boobs. mMmmMm


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-OZ-Trigger Happy said:
Noob is also far beyond you in linux knowledge as we all saw by the script thing that you offered mess not being up to scratch.
Be nice trigs, to be fair I actually don't know squat about linux. All I know is a bit of shell scripting, so I offered cake some alternatives to how he implemented his ET tweak. There wasn't actually anything wrong with cake's version, just maybe it could be done differently and potential problems that probably won't ever happen anyway would be catered for (writing to filesystem issues).

IMHO cake is quite passionate towards computing / FOSS which is cool. He is quite focused personally and professionally in this area.

Trigs, its obvious you have a fair handle on a broad range of technologies. You guys don't really need to get into a p!ssing contest though.
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