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MCRanger1's Jnrmod Application


New Member
Age: 15

In-Game Name: MCRanger1

About Me: I am 15 years old, have experience with maintaining a server, as well as java coding (for custom bukkit plugins). I am easy to get along with, and can help immensely with the server.

Position I am Applying For: Junior Mod

Why I Think I Deserve This: I have experience with moderating/owning a server, and can easily do my job with little to no assistance needed. Like stated, I have experience with java coding, and could even code custom plugins for the server (ever wanted a game mode with guns?).

Past Experience: Years of server moderating experience, familiar with many plugins, own a server of my own, and can communicate and help players easily.

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for this position!


Staff member
Thankyou for the app, we will review it, though I'd like to point out that you have provided us with two ages, 16 and 15, could you please verify your age by another means, just message myself or phill or tessa with your facebook profile or something similar.