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Microsoft Being Dicks


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Microsoft are dicks I totally agree, and this is some cheeky sh1t. Nobody should be sneakily upgraded without permission. But Windows 10 is good - much better than 8.
Even with all the monetisation and spyware/malware/bloatware bullshit clogging it up?
Since I upgraded from Windows 7, Chrome now keeps telling me daily that it has removed 'Amazon Shopper by Spigot' from my system and to click confirm. I haven't had Spigot on my system since I found where it was coming from years ago. It's not even in extensions!
I don't know if it's related but it's one of those WTF things that are occurring since the upgrade :banghead:
Thanks for that Fern. I completely removed all traces of that shite years ago when it first popped up (I think it was a Vuze update, cant remember - something like that). I have not installed anything recently and done a complete check and it's still non-existent on my system so why is Chrome being a dick since the 10 update grrrrr

Maybe Chrome needs to catch up with 10 or vice versa.


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information gathering aside... windows 10 seems pretty nice... well i had 8.1 before and that thing was horrible!!