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Frogma said:
But this game can be downloaded in 10 seconds and you can be kicked from a server in 30. It's brilliant.
Sounds like a thrilling game, pity theres others out there where theres no need to get kicked, sounds like someones
trying too hard, plus just being an annoyance (why else would someone get kicked that fast?), Download? think I'll
stick to what I'm already addicted to, no need to swell that list.


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Frogma said:
Nevermind, you clearly don't understand the point of online gaming.
I dont get it either so I invent my own objectives like pushing people off hills or run around the room with my pants down but sometimes that doesnt go too well when I accidentally turkey a table edge or door :banana:

Trigger Happy

Frogma said:
... why did she headbutt that car?
I thought that was the "Scooter Bandits" trying to get away from a bank heist.
Nothing says Thug Life like headbutting a car then scooting off into the sunset.