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Moderator Application for the one and only TallGuyBishop

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- Your name and age
Hello, My name is Michael Oates. I am 15 and like Pizza Hut.
- Tell us your life story, events, fun staff, I like fun stuff! Make me laugh!
My life story. Ok, 1/10/1996 An epic boy was brought into the world ( Me ) And from there on I have tried to live life in the fast lane taking in every bit of information needed to reach the standards for the job I want. I am 6''1 and 1 inch, You are probably thinking S*** he is tall, But I think I am normal size and you are all short, yes MiDgEt I am talking about you.
- What position you would like to apply for
A Moderator position would be nice. :)
- Why you think you deserve the position
I have been playing on the server for about.. 47 Days, it is a really active server and has an AMAZING group of staff not just on the minecraft side of things, But the whole -Oz- Community is great and I would like to be apart of that, I am a reliable, committed, Mature ( For my age ) and responsible.
- past experience
I have been playing Minecraft since Mid Alpha, from then I was very active on multiple servers and have achieved the honor of being apart of the staff ( Even if the Owner was 12 years old ).
- All sorts of other stuff! I'll leave you to decide!
I like Pizza. Vote #1 :D
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Some of the stuff on this, while comical is irrelevant.

But overall, you have been a dedicated player who frequents the teamspeak and seems legit. +1
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