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My Moderator Application (koumi1997)

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I would like to apply for Moderator on the OZ Server

I think I would a great Moderator because I help those who need help and I do it without a struggle. I am always there for the players on the Server when they need help. I myself know a fair bit about minecraft for I have been playing for a long time now. I am on the server quite often and have gotten to know most people that play. I have also contributed into donating $30 towards OZ and will most likely be donating more.


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You need to tell us more about yourself. The whole moderator application is not substantial enough if you would like to see a good one read Dale's or Mala's. There is a sticky thread that is called Moderator Application rules and templates and it looks to me like you haven't referred to it at all. You need to tell us you age and probably IRL name, also you should come on Teamspeak more. You also haven't applied for OverZealousGamers membership so you should probably do that.

P.S. Pickle said I could do this.


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There are no current positions available right now but they will take it into account. You are also going to leave for 2 months or terms or something like that soon so you wouldn't be able to help at all. You should take a look at the moderator application template for help on writing a better app.
Good Luck.

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