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Need For Speed Worlds

Joke :D

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free MMORacer

like a cross between underground 2 and Most Wanted; free roaming aspects, racing, cop pursuits, etc

not as customisable as the other NFS games but still very pretty, fun, and an alright physics engine

850mb d/l including the patch, worth it (have spent the past few hours being anti-social and playing this)


my ugly Nissan Sylvia


Joke :D

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only problem is that as its fairly new, the only 2 servers are in the US and europe,, so go the states one (Y)

my IGN is Sploodge, if you figure out how to add people

Joke :D

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umm minimum i'd say about 128Mb card, 512 ram, any dual core, etc. that should get you about 50 odd fps if you turn everything down


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Can someone play thesaurus for me on "shitbitch". Don't get me wrong I love shitbitch but I would like some alternatives to mix it up every now and then. Positive karma to whoever can give me 5.