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Need - Old PC


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Looking for a shit box pretty much that still runs okish. My mate is still on a really old p4 and its got so many hardware problems I can barely keep it running :\

So what I'm hoping for is p4 2.8 or above
Hard drive not needed
GFX card if better than a gf4 mx440 :p
RAM if possible
CD drive if possible
PSU if possible

edit; If you just have a motherboard lieing around with a working processor on it that could do the trick as well

Can give you some cash for it (paypal/banktransfer)

PM me or reply here.


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Unless you can pick it up the postage would cost you just as much as a new guts for his puty!

Maybe you should have a chat to Davey AKA Hicksy!

He maybe able to do you up a cheap but adequate system!

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Mess are you in AUS, cuase if you in NZ... shipping costs ect.. are stupid and it would be better to just buy a new one in that case?


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I live in NSW, near sydney (blue mountains)

Was just hoping some one who is kind of local might have what Im looking for :)


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Its P4 not sure about processing power, 512mb ram, onboard graphics and sound.. Monitor keyboard and mouse..
But yeah if you want it, it's yours.