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New -OZ- Forum Banner


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Im hoping you want my honest opinion cause your about to get it!
So both constructive critisim and critisim is coming your way now!

Yuck, eww, erky, YUCK!

The -OZ- and Et logo's are way too small and too blended (OZ should be at the forfront with ET and TF2 being in the back ground)
Tooo many colours (green, gold, red, blue, too much besides "blue and green should never be seen" is the rule of thumb!)
Green and Gold was nasty on our olympians ewww for using it on -OZ- (I know its our ingame colour but doesnt mean I like it!)
You have made the TF2 logo way to big to the point where its the main focus with a splash of -OZ-, Aus, NZ and ET. (-OZ- should be the main focus with ET and TF2 and somewhere slipped in Aus and NZ)

I do however like the "ET" pictures or perhaps they are from TF2, the army dudes, I like them but thats about it.

Being honest or would you rather I lie and say great job?


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People on the left are from a Wolfenstein pic somewhere or something. It might be RTCW not ET though. I've seen it a billion times before.


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i actually think its pretty good
some slight changes though the tf2 pic should be from tf2 ange if you could and maybe move the et logo to the left under australia show me tonight when your on