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New phone scam twist...

New twist on the 'technical dept of windows' phone scam. This time they say they are from the 'technical dept of telstra'. Unless you agree to buy some 'virus patch' from them you may lose the internet for 6 months. I said "fine, that's good - I spend too much time on it anyway". So he said "So you don't care?" "Nope" "Well then in 15 minutes your internet will disconnect" and hung up. Gotta love em ... who else can you have so much fun with.

And since when has Telstra done ANYTHING in 15 minutes ! ahaha
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Bloody pricks they are, so many elderly people would fall for it. More and more oldies are getting the net hooked up to keep in touch with kids and grand kids, and they are the most likely people to still answer their landline phone.
It gets better Bainy - he rang me back later that day and abused me, saying at one point 'would you like to fk me?'. I said 'Mate you're an Indian scammer, you're already fked'. He hung up.