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NGP vs Xperia

Which is better?

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For those who haven't heard, Sony are releasing a PSP2, nicknamed the NGP (Next Generation Portable). Sony are also releasing a PlayStation Phone, nicknamed the Sony Ericsson Xperia PlayStation Phone (probably not a nickname, but anyway). The reason these 2 weren't combined is beyond me. But anyway, I'll try to sum up each of their pros and cons in 5 points.


-Looks sexy.
-Dual thumbsticks.
-Two touchpads (One at the back for cheap gimmicks).
-Decent lineup of games and devs.
-Nice technical specs (Apparently able to produce PS3 level graphics).

-Not a phone (Although it does have 3G, so it may be possible).
-Ditches UMD, meaning anyone with an older PSP will have to keep it to play their old PSP games, just like they did with the PS3's PS2 compatibility.
-Not 3D.
-Doesn't have Phoenix Wright or Professor Layton (i.e. Not a 3DS), although Capcom and Level-5 are both confirmed devs.
-It's less portable than the Xperia.


-You can speak into it, and someone you know will be able to hear it and respond.
-It has Android OS.
-It's a phone with controls that don't necessarily involve touch screens or number pads.
-It has and always will have more games than the NGP.
-It's a portable gaming device AND a mobile phone, but you don't have to settle for casual games like Tap Tap Revolution.

-Nowhere near as powerful as the NGP, but still good among today's phone standards.
-Touchpad analog sticks may take a while to get used to.
-Won't be able to play NGP games.
-Not as good looking as the NGP.
-Unimpressive graphics compared to the NGP.

I'm sure I've missed the important stuff and added in opinions, so feel free to keep your complaints to yourself. There's a poll. Answer it. Explain your answer below if you can be fucked.


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Synonym said:
>Implying I'd want to own anything by Sony.
Please don't flame in this forum, the -OZ- forums are designed to be a place for meaningful discussions and friendly conversations, not trolling.


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This has pretty much convinced me that I should have this and a crap phone, rather than having a (possibly) awesome phone. There's still time for them to ruin the NGP or hugely improve on the Xperia though. Gravity Daze, Broken and (possibly) Smart As look like solid new IP's. If Capcom makes a new Breath of Fire for either handhelds though, that's the one I'm automatically going to get.

Joke :D

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Go the NGP if you want to play games on the move, but why you would by anything related to playstation or sony for a shooting game is beyond me.

NGP + cheap phone > xperia


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Joke :D said:
Go the NGP if you want to play games on the move, but why you would by anything related to playstation or sony for a shooting game is beyond me.

NGP + cheap phone > xperia
Almost right with everything there, except a PlayStation is better than a PC for split-screen shooting (for obvious reasons). Also, Sony makes a couple of decent laptops that you could play shooting games on.

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It depends on what you care about more really, obviously the new NGP will have better everything over the Play, however the Play is Android. This means not only do you get NGP games but you can get emulators and play them with the gamepad. Might not mean much to a gamer that wants to play really seriously, but it is that little bit extra. That being said, if the Devs are really into this new device they might be able to bring this sort of thing to the NGP too. If it were me and I was throwing down cash on something like this, I would probably wait and see how the release of each goes and how big the community is before making the decision, unless you're rich, then go for it without thinking.