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Noob help Take 2

I dont suppose a mod could clean the SK rubbish out the Noob help thread and reopen it? Dont want to start another thread, there are some great tips in that thread i was finding very useful (hopefully others too).

Ok guys, we will just use this topic for the noob help tips now. Keep it clean or it will get deleted, SK was talked about so any talk of it will get deleted because we know where it will lead. I just deleted all off-topic posts so we can get a fresh start and Fiz will transfer some good stuff from the previous thread.

Trigger Happy
Re: Noob help topic

Here are all of my tips wrapped up...


General things to consider:
1) Never stand in one spot too long.
2) Dont follow your team mates around too close. Cover them but move around the map so that you get the best suprise advantage over the enemies.
3) If you are sniping then change positions often because if a sniper doesnt get ya then an airstrike or something else will.
4) Try not to rush out of the spawn nor move along the same path.
5) If youre a panzer...dont rush it...wait for an opportunity and never attack head on unless its a chocke point which you wnt to push the enemy back.
6) In general when using pistols/guns make your strafing unpredictable. If you get into the routine of strafing the same then you will be picked off easily.
7) Sometimes its better to retreat than wait around. Move out of position, regroup and attack from another angle. The enemy wont know what hit them
8) Being medic is fun but being a great medic is even more rewarding. I'm talking about reviving your team mates when in a fire fight. Some players take chances and wait others know that their medic will be there to revive them but what you need to know how to get to your team mates without dying. You rez your amte and you die...chances are you will get rezzed up but what is a cunning technique is reviving them and going behind them, the invulnerability (for 3 seconds or so) act as a shield so while the enemy is frantically spraying bullets you can hide and then attack with your mate...so sometimes it is better to rush and revive your mate head on.
9) Using grenades is also effective and can deter the enemy. Chuck a nade in one direction and run around the enemy from a different angle. In most cases they will take the liniar path while you wait for them from the side.
10) When in a dog fight...use cover to yur advantage. Move around it and make your enemy think where you will be. Alwasy try and have your back to the wall.
11) Practice practise and more practise. Get to know the map, the surrounding, learn to time your attack, learn where enemies are/could be and your team mates. Timing is crucial but being unpredictable is one of the most important things in online multiplayer gaming.

Things that affect accuracy (bullet spread):
1) Distance
2) Strafing with/without sprint (walk/run aswell)
3) Stand/Crouch/Prone
4) Mouse movement (left/right and up/down)
5) How long you hold down your fire button on continuously
6) Weapon choice

All of these change how accurate your bullets will be on the target. Things you should consider:

1) The further away the target the harder it is to hit it (moving targets make it even more difficult). Consider crouching/proning to increase accuracy, likewise dont move mouse too harshly. Use really short bursts for greater accuracy (no more than 3-4 bullets per burst, I would prefer single shot fire at long targets).

2) When you strafe its hard to hit the target without moving the mouse. If you have quick reflexes (and can learn) to shoot during strafing without resulting in use of moving mouse then thats great, otherwise try and keep the mose movement (left/right) to a minimum.

3) Accuracy increases with Stand<Crouch<Prone. This difference can be clearly seen when you first use the scope on the sniper rifles (you cant run with the scope). Use this in open battles at fair to long distance, this way your harder to hit and your more likely to inflict the first damage.

4) The more you move your mouse left/right (even up/down) the less accurate your bullets will be. Once again using scope in the sniper rifle and moving mouse drastically shows that you cant keep scope with harsh movements. Generally if you strafe left you move mouse right and vice-versa. This way youre actually not moving the mouse twice the distance since the target tends to move in the opposite direction to yours.

5) The longer you hold down the fire button the more your bullets will spread. Simply use burst to keep the spread to a minium. Longer targets shorter bursts, closer targets longer bursts. If you panic at close combat; NEVER spray and pray because it makes it worse.

6) Different weapons have different base accuracy and all of these factors affect how well you can hit the target. Get a feel for each weapons pros/cons and when to use what. Close comabt FG42 owns, long distance combat Sten owns (im talking about multi bullet combat).

All of these factors needs to be taken into account with each situation that you are in but generally short bursts, crouching and least ammount of mouse movement should be considered. What you need to learn is when to fire the weapon and afcourse LAG EFFECTS.

Tips/Help/Advice on using Panzerfaust (aka. Panzer)

I'll keep this as general as I can without going overboard with mega-paragraphs.

1. Aim for the feet/ground . Become confident that you can take out target(s) from any situation and ONLY then up the anti and try to take them out with above-ground shots.

2. If youre not sure that you will get the enem-y/ies without resulting in TK (team killing) then dont take the shot. You need to become confident that you will not mass-murder your own team in the process.

3. Know where the choke points are and where your team is currently situated. One panzer in a choke point can either help your team or kill it. Become familiar with the situation (i.e asess it) so you can take out the most enemies without TK. Sometimes you will TK, so a quick v45 (sorry) usually is ok but if you keep doing it then expect any reaction from your team...even bleeding or a /kick.

4. Leaning around the corner with a panzer can be a suprise but it works best when targets moving towards you are far away. What you need to take into account is the charge time, so chargge the panzer up and just before it fires move left/right. This is a quick and suprising move that can take out alot of enemies that are progessing forward.

5. When ever you are taking the shot in the open and/or around a heated fire fight never stand still. Always try and be on the move even when the panzer is charging. This makes it harder for the enemy to target you and it also is an important method in picking targets with movement/aim that are also moving (i.e non-static targets). This will help you become more alert in the changes of the situation, likewise youre not a siting duck. More crucialy it will help you learn to pick of targets from further away that are moving around.

6. When ever there is a change in elevation or targets are far away jump right before tha panzer is fired. This gives you a better chance of hitting the target.

7. Be patient and dont rush it. Noobs tend to panic and rush their shots and themself into the battle. Asess the sitaution, time the momevent of the enemies so that you can take out as many as possible. KNOW your surroundings and never be in the same spot for too long.

8. Faking the panzer shot can be usefull (people like to /kill on a panzer, its cheeky but oh well). Sometimes its good to fake it by holding down on the lean button when its charging. It is sometimes crucial if you need to adjust yourself because a grenade hit you and you lost your aim or something else.

9. Timing and confidence are the most imporant things you need to learn. With that comes knowing and predicting where the enem-y/ies will be and the more you practise the better you will become at timing your shots and taking more chances. Alot of people get annoyed at noobs who TK and this lowers your confidence. Learn to take out easy targets and build your confidence up. The more you build it the more chances you can take and the more ways of panzering you will learn.

10. If you have missed your target then dont fret. Actually youre screwed in 99% of the cases. The only time you wont be killed is when you are far away from the action. What i'm getting at is to learn and take out targets from far away and not from directly down the straight line. They cant hear your panzer charging nor can they usually see it coming because its not directly at them. Suprise is the key element.

There are many more tips that I could put up but basically you need to be confident, time your shots and be unpredictable. What is however required is to have good reflexes and quickly assesing the situation.
Don't worry if people boo you when you kill one guy (who was smg or what ever). The more targets you can take out in any situation without TK and killing yourself the more you will become confident.
So practise, practise and PRACTISE and remember you have one shot so make it count!