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Notebook Query

Notebook Brand of the Millenium

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me old lappy died. Well its been around the world, had alcohol spilt on it a few times....

So I needs a new one. Anyone suggest a preferred brand of notebook ?

Let the notebook war begin.


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yeh asus ftw its what i have and its been through the wars and still kickin hard well maybe not through the wars but i did have a cracked screen for a while lol but they are good no probs and not alot of useless software when ya 1st get them
I voted HP just to annoy butz.
If you're using it for gaming though, I would go with acer or something (although I use a Dell laptop personally and I prawn hard with it, so make your own assumptions of that).



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-OZ-kabal said:
Asus known for O/C wonder if the same is for lappy's?
Yes you can but its pretty stupid to do so since the air vent systems in lappys are crap unless you go with those external docking coolers.


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^Was talking about docking stations as in those fan things you set your laptop on so itll help extract all the hot air/cool it.