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O Hai Derr


My name is Jaime and I'm an alcoholic. I found out that almost all of my old clanmates went and joined after BR left SoW and discovered OZ. I also just discovered yesterday that there's 2 members here from my old clan Hc0. What a small small world. I also found out today that I was adopted, and my real parents are Nelson Mandela and Hilary Clinton. It happened not long after Hilary visited South Africa on a political holiday (a couple of weeks after the Monica Lewinski downing affair). That officially makes me the future Zulu King of South Africa!
I know you all have been wondering what I look like, but while there is no known proof of my existence, here is a piktar that someone drew that bares a 99.8% resemblance to me in my natural habitat.



Hi Jamin , that's quite an introduction , they say that Humans have 96% in common with Chimpanzee DNA , so I'm wondering how much of a variant can be suggested from 0.02% from your esteemed ancestor! xD

P.S. Welcome to the forums. ;)