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Has anyone checked this service out? Iv been following it for a while now and it looks like its making some good progress.

For those who don't know 'Onlive' is basically gaming on demand. For example when you sign up for their service and purchase a game you are able to play it instantly without downloading the game. Basically is 'cloud' gaming where the processing of the gaming is been done on a huge server farm and the user is only downloading the video and uploading the key strokes.

What this means is that you could play Crisis on HD on a low end PC or laptop which is able to display HD graphics.

The link is: http://www.onlive.com/

Its launching in America in June, can't wait for the feedback.

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I looked into this a while back and it does look amazing! However, at the time and it still continues was the large concern of exactly how strong of a connection is it going to require to have a smooth game.


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I can see it working overseas where broadband hits the 100Mbps with cheap servers but I doubt the Australian infrastructure can handle the load especially when you consider the server costs and high pings to oversea servers.


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Yeah they would have to defiantly put some server farms in Australia for it to work. They say its possible to play OnLive with a 1500k/256k internet connection with around 80 ping. Or just wait until fibre to the node is available :)