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Oz mod development


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Why not reset say when you get to 100k xp or something? For people like Zulu that would just about be nightly but for any human with a life outside of his computer desk thatd take atleast a month surely
I remember one of the first servers I ever played on it was like 1200xp or something to get lvl4 skills
Alright, back to the topic please.

10k is more than enough, given that all skills at level 4 comes to 980xp.

Also, Sprees have been reset.


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This is what you get for each level in skills, some of it may be slightly different due to how oz is at present, ie no adren for medics and only covies have trap detection.
Level 1: 20 XP
Level 2: 50 XP
Level 3: 90 XP
Level 4: 140 XP

Light weapons

3 XP for regular kills
5 XP for headshot kills

  • Level 1: Improved use of light weapon ammunition When you respawn, you'll get an extra clip of ammo.
  • Level 2: Faster Reload, you can reload weapons 35% faster
  • Level 3: Improved Light Weapons Handling Your accuracy with SMG's is 35% better, and you have less recoil with pistols
  • Level 4: Dual-wield pistols Now you can fire two pistols at once

Battle sense

2 XP if you inflict damage on enemies within 30 seconds
5 XP if you inflict and receive damage within 30 seconds
8 XP if you kill and receive damage within 30 seconds

  • Level 1: Binoculars
    You get binocs...
  • Level 2: Improved Physical Fitness
    Stamina bar recharges 60% faster
  • Level 3: Improved Health
    Max HP goes up by 15
  • Level 4: Trap awareness Now you can see landmines (when you get close to them, white outlines of the landmine appear.

Heavy Weapons

3 XP for every kill with a heavy weapon

  • Level 1: Improved projectile resourcesEach time you fire a panzer or mortar, it costs 33% less from your power bar
  • Level 2: Heavy weapons proficiency
    MGs take half the usual time to cool after they overheat
  • Level 3: Improved Dexterity
    You can run around faster with Panzer or Flamethrower
  • Level 4: Improved Weapon handling Lets you carry heavy weapon + MP40/Thompson instead of heavy weapon + pistol.

First aid

1 XP for giving health pack to a teammate who isn't a medic4 XP for reviving someone.

  • Level 1: Medic ammo1 extra ammo clip and grenade
  • Level 2: Improved resourcesA couple more syringes, more ammo, and health packs take 15% power bar instead of 25%
  • Level 3: Full reviveYou get a green syringe that can revive people to full health instead of half-health
  • Level 4: Self adrenaline (VERY COOL)For 10 seconds, damage against you is cut in half, and you can sprint without losing stamina


3 XP for killing with a rifle grenade4 XP for a landmine kill
4 XP for defusing an enemy's landmine
6 XP for defusing enemy's dynamite
10 XP for constructing important objectives (sometimes less than 10, depends)3-7 XP for repairing MGs or tanks

  • Level 1: Improved use of explosive ammunition
    Four extra rifle grenade rounds and four extra grenades
  • Level 2: Improved dexterity
    Lets you arm or defuse landmines/dynamite in half the time
  • Level 3: Improved construction/destruction
    Constructing, repairing, and arming dyno or landmines takes 33% less power bar
  • Level 4: Flak Jacket
    You take 50% less damage from explosives


1 XP for giving out an ammo pack3 XP for each player killed by an airstrike
4 XP for killing them with arty strike
5 XP for destroying an objective with either airstrike or arty strike

  • Level 1: Improved resourcesYou get "mega" ammo packs (double ammo), and giving them costs 15% power bar instead of 25%
  • Level 2: Improved signals
    Calling arty costs only 2/3 of your power bar (instead of 100%)
  • Level 3: Improved Air and Ground supportAirstrikes affect more area, and arty strike lasts twice as long. VERY useful.
  • Level 4: Enemy recognition
    If you place your crosshairs over a cvops in disguise, their location shows up on command map.

Covert Operations

3 XP for each land mine spotted
5 XP for stealing a uni
5 XP for a satchel charge kill
7 XP for destroying an objective with a satchel charge
3 XP for killing an enemy
5 XP for killing with a headshot

  • Level 1: Improved use of scoped ammunition
    Ammo packs give you one extra clip for your K43 or FG42
  • Level 2: Improved use of sabotage and misdirection
    Satchel charges or smoke grenades take 33% less power bar
  • Level 3: Breath control Your weapon recoils 50% less after each shot. Note that on certain shrub servers, breath control also improves your MP40/Thompson accuracy
  • Level 4: Assassin
    You get an instant kill for a backstab
What we are proposing is that:
  • When a player reaches 10k xp, they are reset to 0 in all skills.
  • Level 4 takes longer to reach by upping its 140 xp to say 1000.


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yer there is a problem with it
i have tried a couple of times to get it going
ill have a go again tonight
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From Pengui:

Are we able to have crouching and proning similar to etpro? In that you can't do either whilst running - sometimes called dolphin diving. Screws with hitboxs.

Also to force everyone to use the same max packets/rate.
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Sif have same Max packets and rate everyone is different computers and internet connection lot of spawn camps last night is annoying ;)


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lerl at capping max packets/rate /fail

tell pengu does he even long jump? because thats how you long jump with sprint jump crouch :trump:


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Any requests
Only doing this as im updating the code not sure if you might get them but will try :)
I saw the changelog about g_tyranny not working on et legacy. Found the following info about it on et legacy doco for another mod. Should work for oz etpub when done this way.

This cvar controls the use of administrator commands that could be used by admins to cheat or abuse players. If it is set to 0 you will not be able to use commands on your server such as
poison, etc.
Note: If you enable this, you MUST do so immediately when the server starts, before the first map is loaded, by putting it into your main server config.