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Pengu - appreciation thread/ community spotlight


I used to play et competitively back in the day on Gamearena, but since I've been back I've noticed my skill is nowhere near a competitive level, and have found some enjoyment in playing more casually!

Some of the etpro community, have been "not so nice" in their reply when invited to join the Oz server - whether they are joking around, or being serious I'm not entirely sure.

But there is one player who is always up for a game, and always accepts the invite to play with us newbies, even though he is the best player I've come across!

Not only that, but he's always super kind to new players and sometimes gives himself small disadvantages (such as only using pistols) to make it fun for everyone instead of letting his ego run away with a 100 - 0 K/d ratio.

He's always up for a chat, never complains and is consistently helping grow Saturday night ET!

for that, I'd like to put the community spotlight on a true legend of our small community! Pengu!

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I think many in the Down-Under (ANZAC) etpro community like being even more
inappropriate than some players used to be on this server, back in the old days.

They are joking around I'm sure, some of them simply enjoy being abusive and inappropriate.
There's like no harm meant, or personal offence, although it might seem like that at times.
I just recommend you take it with a pinch of salt. Maybe an entire salt cellar of salt?

Oh and Pengu is a massive wanker.
He beats everyone, probably one-handed,
While he beats himself off.
-[just some small humour there]-

Yes, Pengu is a lovely person in every way, as far as I've known him.
Just - unpleasantly - good at this game for amateurs like me :)

But, yes, he wears his skills well.

(that is super high praise btw)
(you are really good at this game,
but you are not like arrogant at all)
(you're just a great guy)

I agree with you ETPlayer. --- Pengu - you are a great guy!
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one time he was on the oz server, trolling people, stacking teams, his buddies having shots at admins for kicking people after the 10th warning, generally having a grand old time disrupting it
Then everyone went to the "pro" server and some were trolling people, disrupting it and blow me down was the attitude completely different, people kicked with no warning, what a contrast
almost like its not quite so funny when someone is shitting in your own backyard for example. Maybe thats why its password protected now
Those were the days

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Pro server is a bunch of bollocks. ... I mean, people taking a ~20 year old game super serious,
and you get shouted at if you try and have a light hearted conversation.

Be serious, we are doing STOPWATCH! ... Sorry, no, I'm getting cereal.

Nice to see you on the forums again TC
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Would anyone like to try and make things work again on sat night? or fri night? I forget. I'm from England and I am not good at maths

Basically Saturday morning for me.

Can someone clever please correct me?

Australia Friday night?

I have no idea. I am very very drunk :)

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An additional note:

In my humble opinion -- People who take this game seriously ... well. They are ... unique ...

ET is an ancient 20 year old game.
My honest opinion is -- Have fun; or fuck off.
It is retarded to take this ancient game seriously.

May we please have fun again here, you lovely Australian peoples.
Let's play ET together, and socialise, and enjoy each others' company.

That seems like a good idea to me, a nice idea. A reasonable idea.

We can recreate this old community if we wish to.

It just depends how much people care,
How much we want to.
And how much time we can devote.

Best wishes, fellows x.


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Ah man we had so much fun. But sometimes things just fizzle out and it's hard to recreate the magic.. it can't be forced
But I'm sure we'll still have the odd game here and there!
What you say is very true, mate.
Life moves on.

We have to accept the passing of time.

But sometimes it really sucks, when Life changes.

All good ... best wishes.

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Sick, Trump, Dog poo.

Things do fizzle out, agreed.

Yet, still, I dont like the fizzling out 'sick trump dog poo' though.

I reserve the right to say "this is shit".

And bemoan the state of the Universe.