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phillgates2 app[PASSED]

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What is your in game name, what previous aliases have you used?
used only one through out et and other games which is the awesome phillgates2 :D

How long have you played with OZ?
umm since aka horus suggested but on and off possibly bout one and a half years

Have you been banned previously for anything with any banning system on OZ?
no why would i never hack on any game but i did hack locally on my home sever with bots but decided not to and deleted it = has no skill involved on hacking :D

Have you been in a clan before or had any other clan experience?
yes i was a ref in <UO> Aussie until the previous admins left so then i took over it :) and became the leader

Tell us a bit about yourself, not as in gamer profile, but what’s your career perhaps, life dream? Preferred future mating partner?
well what is there to tell im a retail assistant at woolies planing to go to a dm (department manager) one day soon fingers crosed atm im a semi 2ic (second in charge) dreams are to travel the world which im already got planed Europe next year asia the year after and canada and alaska the year after that. Preferred future mating partner an Italian = awesome food +Italian food is all the food that i like

What is your favorite class/weapons.
panzer of sniper

hope that fills you in bout me, thanks for the review and Thank you for considering this application


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Re: phillgates2 app

Congratulations and welcome from behalf of OZ.
Your levels will be adjusted on forums and ingame.
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