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Pimpin with Cake: teh empire strikes bakc


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Teh preceeding episode of Pimpin wit Cake is brough tto u by Purex- it like ur wiping ur bum with thin air.

HELLO EEVERYONE its cake here. say hi caek! :joyful:
hi cake!

an what a show cake has for u today. todaye we talking about teh common cold. :troll: do u suffer from teh common cold? well fear no longer, cake have theh solution for u! :shamefullyembarrased:

u lyin in bed. it 4am. tehere nobody on server so u try to sleep. but ur nose is clogged with boogers. no matter how many loogies u fire into ur sleeve, u cnat breath. :arghh: wat u do? cake know! :smug:
u go to pantry and get chilli powder. and sniff it. ur nostrils go so wide u look like angry woman from ghetto. :woot:

thank u cake but but how to get rid of cold for good? :bored:

well controry to popular belief, teh best way to get rid of cold is to give it to others. u sneeze out cold and it leaves ur body and goes into another person and then u dont have cold anymore.

it may not werk first time, so do it a couple of times to make sure.

after u sneeze out cold, u be so big and strong powerful male that u build castle out of panties. :punch:

next week on pimpin with cake:
cake gets cauht having an affair with joker. will this upset balance of power on server? fimd out next week on PIMPIN WITH CAKE.

queue theme music
caake caake pimpin with caaake. out of teh trousers comes his trouser snaaake, cake caaake whizzin into teh lake. campin down stream was a mistake. caek cake cake its pimpin with cCaaaaaaaaake!


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better than bad Mat, i solved the choppiness/lag/warping players challenge that has plagued my game for three years across two computers. now keyboard movement no longer chuggs.
disable all HID devices that are not needed in device manager


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are you trying to make sure that your name is on every forum conversation joker?
the way that forums work, joker, is that responses should have something to do with the conversation itself. otherwise you're just another useless troll. plenty of those and you didnt invent it.
cake is cool and funny. you're just not. so stop trying so hard..maybe it will come out better.
what is that hax that when activated, makes your whole team, including easy players, hard to kill?