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Possible Wallhacker

All my games are recorded so you'll have to watch me play, I didn't have time to edit it. While me and Bambi we're playing we both got suspicious of "The Green Gentleman" So I recorded him and there is a few things that a suspicious, granted he could be using his sound but some things just seem extremely off.

  1. Facing the wall
  2. Not leaning
  3. Shooting at a wall
  4. Owning Bambi is a big no no ;)

Download: DM_84 File (Just put into your etpub folder>open ET>Replays>click the demo)


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It's I'm Constructing, aka Hammerkrook. Nothing to see here, does not hack.
Hang a tic, so if it were someone else/random player, would you say the opposite? I'm not sure, just feels like you are saying because its this person we should simply ignore the post completely.

[edit] At least say at which time you started recording thanks wolfcam
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Feel free to view the demo, but anything suss with this particular player will be a result of instincts and experience.

If it were a random player I would definitely be less sceptical.
I just thought I'd sent it in anyway, there is a couple really sus things, the looking at the wall instead of leaning can be just drawn down to using the sound,but, not so much the other things. Sorry fern all my games are recorded :p it would be towards the end of the game. I stopped recording when there was 2mins left in match.