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Problems with water and TNT


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So, we have a small bug, this bug allows TNT to break blocks even if water is covering them. This is due to the new "Obsidian Breaker" plugin that was added, this bug makes cannoning near impossible because it breaks the cannon even through the water, this was no accident, I tested it many times. Also this makes it so you don't have to hybrid cannon only shoot straight TNT and still be able to blow up the walls, test this yourself.

This is able to be fixed in the config by making it so you cannot blow up things in water.


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try glowstone.

not a bug, its configured intentionally, theres a safe materials-for-cannons list somewhere
not written


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As I understand it; you, Munga, argued that glitching should be made legal since there was no "legal" way to raid obsidian-made bases. Now an alternative has been provided and you want that to be taken down. Is that correct?


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No it isn't What I am saying is that water should be able to protect bases.
Such as cobble/obsidian covered with water should need a tnt and sand combo aka hybrid cannon to destroy it.