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R.I.P marco simoncelli


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Tonight after a massive motogp crash involving Rossie and Colin colliding with marco simoncelli and knocking of his helmet. marco simoncelli Passed away from his injury's. He was only in his twenty

May he rest In Peace :(


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It's a sad thing when someone dies, but I guess some lessons are learned the hardest way. He dropped Pedrosa and put him out for months; dropped Lorenzo but lucky there were no injuries; both earlier in the season. It is a shame because he was young and quite fast on the track, with the potential to make world Moto GP champ 1 day, and from what I could tell from the way he acted off the track seemed like a likeable and playful character. However, I don't believe in the finality of death, so maybe he'll get another chance some other time. RIP Marco.


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yeah soon as i saw him cut into rossi i thought the worst... then watching him just slide lifelessly.. you just new.... poor bastard