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Read Before Posting Your Application

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Black Racoon

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Just a quick reminder how to ppost your appllication if you are wanting to apply.

1. Name your topic [Your Ingame name]'s Application
2. A few Details about YOU and YOUR gaming XD. We wnat to know who you are ofcourse XD

An e.g. of how it should be layed out is below


- Harry's Wishes to Join

Ingame Name/Aliases: TZPotter
Real Name: Harry Potter
Gender: Male
Age: 49
How Long played ET: 5 Years
Previous Clans: !.Draco!, --Gryffindor--
Scrimmed before/would you like to scrim: yes and yes!
Why you want to join OZ: Like to scrim for the team and help iwth map moderation also love the OZ guys XD :p
Other Interests Hobby: Im an wizard as dayjob. Good friend of ALbus dumbleeedors, My friends are hte only things that really saved me from all the scary monsters that have beeen in my path before. Casting spells.

- P.S Also ensure you post a INtroduction post about who you are so we can get to know you speerately aswell so we can all say HI there as this is strictly for applications to join -OZ-.

Cheers BR! Have FUN!
Not open for further replies.