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Passed ReepaX Application

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Introduce yourself, what are your in-game names?

Hey, names Ash, in-game ReepaX or just Reepa (Thats Reepa-x, not repacks) All so use Orez or Raab for RPG's/MMO's

Help us get to know you. In this section feel free to tell us about your occupation, hobbies, favorite books/games/movies/artists, celebrity crush etc.

I work night shifts at a BP servo 12am-6:30am, 3-4 days a week. Hobbies include PC/Console games (Xbox360 and PS3), card games and DnD. Celebrity crush? . . .Neil Patrick Harris

What do you think you can offer -OZ- as a clan and community member and Why do you want to join -OZ-?

I offer unsurpassed clicking abilities with accuracy like no other. Play lots of platforms of games and am a very quick learner of new games/styles, and very well at taking orders. Not so much the leading

What would you say are your favorite games, platforms? When did you start gaming? (On any platform)?

Says it all. As mentioned, a lot of different game styles. Heaps of WoW, LoL Rift and a while ago, TF2. Main platforms would be MMO, FPS, Strat and Sandbox.
Started gaming fully when i was 18. Before that was mass Sega and Atari. but not the level of gaming i play today.
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