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Server Technical Stuff

7 League Boots

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A few small things:

- Fredo asked me ages ago to say something about the specs inactivity kick after 10 mins - could we get rid of that, perhaps?
- Is sudden death dynamite a nice idea? So when time runs out, if dyno has been planted it goes to overtime until it is blown or defused.
- Supply Depot is 30 mins, I think it's 'supposed' to be 20 mins, maybe 18.

- There was a thread here re changing bobroll etc server-side to be off automatically, so those who don't know about changing it are not at a disadvantage. I knew, but had forgotten until someone typed it on the chat (not in console) by mistake, a few days ago. It appears it had been on for me, so I changed it to 0. Pengu mentioned it is always off for him when he has started et/windows afresh and connects etc. But for whatever reason, it was automatically on for me on the OZ server. Although it could be a PEBKAC error, I doubt I'd have set it on for some other pub place, since it's awful, but just mentioning in case it is a server issue.


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Thanks 7league with the sudden death dyno there is a bug with it server does not like it not sure why but ill give it a go and test it again.
With the specs might have to chage a setting to -1 as we got rid of the setting ages ago but might just be lingering some where :).
With bobroll could just force it serverside to be on or off will have to look at the cfg.