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Shrap Mod & ProMod for RTCW2

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Well I have been following the community very closely watching their changelogs seeing how their progress has been and when I got to recheck today. Both of the 2 major mods which are developing quickly and *nicely* I might add have both released new versions. My opinion is currently pro mod is looking very good with neat gameplay changes. Shrap mod is only a little behidn but only becuase of a few personal decisions such as footstepping sounds and not really any large gameplay aspects.

Heres the changelog for both the new mod releases are here. This is the first release for Pro mod btw, made publically available :) Follow their progress on crossfire if your interested.

Pro mod:


* Fixed Console spam caused by a null entity call on the flamethrower



* Rebuilt the HUD from scratch basically.
* Removed every component.
* Added a Spawntimer to the HUD (under the Map time).
* Added a Ready Up indicator in warmups.
* Added a Fire Team to the HUD (this needs feedback).
* Moved the Obituary List under the respawn timer and extended it to 6 Popups.
* Moved the Chat List to the left down side, and extended it to 5 Popups.
* Added a numeric HP display, aswell as a small bar.
* Added a numeric Veil Power display, aswell as a small bar.
* Added a numeric Grenade and Satchel / Health pack / Ammo pack display. If you run out of charge, a chargebar will be displayed until its full again.
* Added a numeric Ammo display, aswell as a small bar. The bar will turn red on low ammo and on reloads.
* Added a weapon indicator icon, it will turn red on low ammo and on reloads.
* flipped the ammo symbol on the hud.

http://myhannes.info/stuff/movie/Softwa ... t00050.png

Please give us feedback on this topic here: [UPDATE]HUD Development. Feedback wanted

Scoreboard HUD

* Removed the solid backgroundimage when ingame.
* Lowered the black background opacity when ingame.

http://myhannes.info/stuff/movie/Softwa ... t00052.png

Gameplay changes

We are very careful when touching gameplay elements, yet there is few which is just not good for a solid MP game.

Spawn system

* Removed the personal wait time.
* The first spawn is random for both teams. This is because we dont want to have both teams spawning at the same time.
* Bank spawns are fixed to 13 seconds on the allied side and 14 seconds on the axis side.
* All other maps have a 15 seconds spawn for both teams.

Please give us feedback on this topic here: The Respawn System

Misc changes

* Raised footstep sounds.
* Lowered luger sound.
* Removed Weapon Tracers.
* Removed Weapon Muzzleflash.
* Localized the hitsounds: You will be able to put any sound you want as your hitsounds. The server does not need to have those sounds or package.

Weapon Change

We are eager to help the community on the weapon part, but since this is the most sensitive part of the game, we DO requiere your feedback.
So if the changed weapons in this release do somehow not fit, let us know, else we cant change it.

* MP40 spread when shooting from the hip was reduced to close to that of the ironsight.
* Grenade velocity is now a bit higher again, not as high as in the unpatched retail game.

Interaction System
This was number one on our priority list, and i am glad that we could make the changes we wanted, even witouth the SDK.

* Objectives always had to pick up, now you can just walk over them to pick them up.
* Syringe, or magical whatever, can be bound to _weapon2 and you can basically walk over the map with it.
* Pliers / Wrench can be bound to _weapon2 and you can basically walk over the map with it.

http://myhannes.info/stuff/movie/Softwa ... t00053.png
http://myhannes.info/stuff/movie/Softwa ... t00054.png

Graphical / Map Tweaks

* Removed Postprocess from the HUDs.
* Removed Dust from Maps.
* Removed Fog from Maps.
* Removed Effects from Maps.
* Removed Flash from main Objectives, kept them on the weapons.
* Removed leaf animations from trees.

ShrapMod V 0.3


Shrapmod Version 0.3
*Tweaked footstep sounds, they now play about half as often as before also reduced volume slightly
*Added invuln glowing feet effect(needs work) This is temporary till I find a better effect/icon
*Added ET revive feedback sound
*Tweaked sprinting/running animations (needs work but isn't as jerky when sprinting)
*Replaced mp40 sound with rtcw one
*Changed Invulnerability time to 4 seconds down from 5
*Made mp40 and luger slightly more accurate
*Reduced Medic ammo: mp40 64->32 rifle 25->10
*Reduced Eng+Soldier ammo: mp40 96->64 rifle 25->20
*Reduced move speed slightly 30% -> 25%
*Reduced sprint speed by about 10%
*Removed mp40 recoil/kick
*Removed mp40 + mp43 knockback push and kick (This was bugged and caused many bullets to not register)
*Removed Red Enemy Arrows
*Added ET hitsounds
*Increased panzer damage slightly
*Removed bullet tracers
*Made panzer charge sound non local

Shrapmod Version 0.2
*Remove having to "pick up" docs with use key *DONE*
*Remove Moving affecting aim *DONE*
*Remove muzzleflash on mp40,mp43,pistol *DONE*
*Fix (rework) pistol *DONE*
*Make holding down shoot for too long increase spread by way more (3x-4x more?)higher *DONE*
*Rework revive system from scratch *DONE* *Needs work*
*Scale all movespeed up 30% *DONE*
*Incresed HP 100->120 *DONE*
*Increased HS damage multiplier from 2.0 -> 2.57 *DONE*
*Add sprinting while strafing(maybe) *DONE*
*Hitsounds from ET *DONE* separate pk4 file
*Fix panzer *DONE* *Needs a little work*
*Soldiers now move slower with panzer
*Footsteps *DONE* may need to tweak range and volume
*Removed stupid self spawn timer nonsense *DONE*
*Changed attacking respawn time to 20 by default *DONE*
*Changed defending respawn time to 30 by default *DONE*
*Added reload sounds when ui_showgun = 0
*Fix panzer explosion effect not always playing
*Incresed range of smgs and pistol


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Shrap mod's aim seems to give it an ET flavor.. which imo is better.

And it seems that pro's aim is to make it better for competitive play but not really change it that much..