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Soft boiled eggs



Soft boiled eggs My favorite way of preparing eggs is to fry them over medium. But sometimes, I like to switch it up a bit and boiling them in their shell until soft is my favorite way to do that. It's faster than boiling them hard, and (since I don't much like solid yolks) it's tastier. Here's how I do it. This recipe assumes the eggs have been refrigerated and have just been removed from the refrigerator before beginning. Boiling eggs in the shell pretty much starts the same way - by bringing water to a boil. The amount of water is variable depending on the size of pot and the number of eggs being boiled. An easy way to determine how much water is needed is by placing the eggs into the pot selected and pouring water in until there is at least 1 inch (more than 2 cm) of water covering the eggs. You really need only about 1/2-in. (more than a cm) of water above the eggs for this to work well, but I find that some amount of water will escape as vapor while it is boiling and waiting for eggs to be deposited. Depending on how often you check on the pot, water loss can be substantial, so try to make sure you have at least an inch of water over the eggs before you start. Remove the eggs from the water and place the pot (with its lid on) onto the burner on medium-high to bring to a boil. The water is ready once it reaches a rolling boil (large bubbles rising cause the surface of the water to tumble and roll).
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This post leaves many issues unresolved - how long to boil, ambient air temperature etc etc.

This is my method, voted by my family as the best soft-boiled egg recipe ever !

1. If eggs have been refrigerated, bring them back up to approximate room temperature by placing eggs on a dish rack and leave stand for 10 minutes. If room temperature is below zero or freshly bought, skip this step.

2. Fill saucepan with water as mentioned in original post, but add a hefty dose of salt - this stops the eggs from cracking.

3. Place saucepan on high heat until boiling - do not place eggs in water until boiling.

4. Using a spoon, gently lower eggs into boiling water and set timer for exactly 3 minutes.

5. Remove from heat, empty hot water from pan leaving eggs inside and fill with cold tap water. Allow to stand for 30 seconds (this is so they are not too hot to handle).

The result will be a perfect soft-boiled egg with firm white and liquid (but cooked) yolk - perfect for dipping soldiers

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dammit cant even spell my own name , i repeat this is Boges method to boil eggs get the missus to do it