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Spag Bog My way..


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Aight 1st throw those spaghetti strands out of there get ya self two pasta shell or spiral varieties.

Next 500gm of Mince of your choice,Beef or pork w.e ya flavour.

Thaw said mince if needed.

Cook mince till browned (not still bleedin)'

heat stove top for shells & spiral mix .. cook as per packet instruction's

Meanwhile add ... your fav Dolmio sauce (coz raguletto it is weak and watery!) too your cooked mince. Simmer aprox 5 min's

Once your pasta spirals/shells cooked drain and add that to the mince & sauce mix simmer for a futher 5-10 min's

Last Stage.. cooking steam And all :)

End Product ... presented.

And Enjoy.

Got sick of the strand's found the shell's to be better eg.. soaked up excess Juice and flavour end result Yum!

The Admiral

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Bowties are my favourites. I too dislike strands. Shells are probably my second favourite after bowties though.

How I make my sauce:
1. defrost mince (250g)
2. start to brown the mince
3. add between one and two teaspoons of powdered beef stock
4. once it is browned, add in some worchestershire sauce. No idea what amount, I just shake the bottle a little. Note - the more you add, the nicer it smells. But too much and it gets too spicy. DO NOT DRINK IT ON ITS OWN.
5. Throw in a tub of tomato paste (140g, but for 500g you'd use two 140g tubs)
6. Fill up the empty tub with tap water and pour it in.
7. Pour over the pasta.

I don't mix the two in together. Just use a saucepan for my pasta and pour it over the top of the pasta once the pasta is in the dish. Might try using a frypan next time and stirring them in together.

Pasta = yummy. Easiest dinner to make. No thought is needed. I love pasta!


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hmmm interesting..

i start by browning off my mince, and then i usually add 2 teaspoons of garlic and a teaspoon of basil or pesto (sometimes i have squeezable tubes :p)
once meat is browning i add my sauce (usually a red wine and garlic mix, domios i think :p) i then add a couple of teaspoons of sugar (this takes some of the oomph out of the dominant tomato taste and brings out the other ingredients a bit more).

then with some angel hair pasta :p i make a masterpiece :>

++ add Parmesan and cheese for extra love <3


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stat throw in some capsicums red and green for colour some mushys and w/e tickles ya fancy and let the taste hit you