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He's just had an op. Sparky's had cancer for the last two years or so, just recently found out through his brother (Chucky). Poor bloke... don't think he's active on this forum, but in any case hope he recovers well.


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Oh right. That's not good :( I remember playing against/with Sparky some time ago, like a long time ago.

Get well soon m8.


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few lads i know from OZ gone through the battle, everyone has come through with flying colours, im sure your no exception, GL mate stay positive and strong!!


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Cheers guys, I only just looked in here today, things are going well so far so it looks as if the world will have to find something else to knock me down with hehe.

One other good thing about having the operation, I can now drink more than 1 long neck again without flaking out, just hurts my wallet more but what I save from not smoking sigs or pot well and truly makes up for it. oh, and food actually tastes like food again. The only downside I can think of is our fluoridated water still tastes like shit and is still killing me slowly. :happy: