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Start of a new era in OZ


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This is going to be a long post so bear with me. Its a timeline thing with a bang at the end. If its boring - well its been my ET life which is winding down so I am leaving it as a imprint of the player who you people know as Akh-Horus.

I'm stepping down effective now as a leader at the OZ clan. Away from leader and moderator, back to the level where I started all those years ago when I first cranked up ET, marvelling at it and how smooth it was on dial up. Guessed the name Wasabi Warrior and proceeded to get owned by all and sundry. Had a prick of a time on GA with all the inbred aggression, and at that point I swore I would always hate etpro.....

Figured out I was and remain a moderate player, no false modesty, Im not bad as such but I sure am not great. The rnade has been my love child as its the great evener upperer - ask the better players, god theres so many over the years, the only chance I had was the rnade and made so many players rage with it.

So - I moved to etpub and havent left, some minor forays in other mods but always back to etpub. And stayed and stayed and I think you get the idea. I found the UO server, loved it, stayed there for ages. Got given a refereee position, this was my first and my dearest, with all the players such as gr88, laterlus, onyx, death itself, solman, valtam, skarob, cougarette and the list goes on. gr88 you're still a great bloke and I love it when you come and play ET under your other name, keep it up. UO moved to ET Quake Wars and I left, couldnt stand that game.....so off I went.

Found servers such as OGN, PTGN, IPGN, Exetel, dBd, H*s and a few others I cant even remember, asked for a position on PTGN through sheepshagger (Hi Kezz) and got that. Servers came and went, OGN - well, the first visit I made I got given a ref level without asking or anything - just got setleveled lol. Name had changed to Akh-Horus, for those who dont know and who actually care, read Wilbur Smith's books, this name is in one of my all time favourite books, I'll let you google it from here. So - left a spot after feeling left out badly, and played on this server OZ, mainly aliasing with names like UnderGrunders, Buttbreath and the like. Got brought into the clan and made a leader where I have stayed for a long time. I've seen people come and people go, on the server and within the clan. Ive lost count of the number of people I have muted, kicked, warned, frozen and banned for various reasons. I dont regret any of it really, if I made a mistake I will acknowledge it publicly and did so on a few occassions, I have no qualms of saying when I am wrong and doing it publicly. So - years rolled by - and other members of the clan have worked so bloody hard. But with me being up at the top - they cant progress and develop as a gaming leader. I've been there and done it - numerous times. I can do it and do it well - but this is being greedy.

So - I am stepping down effective immediately
. This is with no bs totally my decision, the leaders at OZ dont want me to leave - but I have to, this is what was in the back of my mind the other time I left. I am being a greedy prick by staying. There will be a decision made by the leaders in naming replacments, I will leave this to them to announce when its the right time. I have LOVED working with the OZ clan and especially a HUGE thanks to i0n who I talk to once in a while. Also the rest of the leaders, we've worked together for a long time and this is the reason OZ is the premier server in the Oceania area. Keep the work going, hell, me leaving will eventuate as a positive, its just the Horrie security blanket wont be there - time for people to develop and this is the only way.

There's also other reasons for me leaving - late last year I injured my right wrist on a punching bag when working out at the gym - I have done an excellent job of this injury and appears I have permanent nerve damage in my right arm, gaming now hurts very badly. I have to think of long term. I'm also looking at the fact Im not getting any younger and gaming affects my sleep which I cant do much of. Example today - finsihed work at 0700 this morning, in bed at 0800, out at 11.24am and thats all the sleep I get on night shift. It hurts, gaming is addictive so I need the rest and I have to do something about it.

I'm going to wind up this drivel. I could type for pages and pages but thats enough. The people who mean something to me know who they are. I have met some of you in real life, Hicksy and AussieG are legends of people in real life as well as gaming. I'll pop back and pop a few more posts in but this is it - Im out of OZ and going to more than likely delete the game.

You people have meant a huge amount to me over the years and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Trigger Happy

It's sad to see you go Horey, truly one of the most level-headed people in the game who has gained much respect from most, if not all players around on the pub servers. It's been a great time working with you, and even though we have butted heads on things here or there (I think if you know people for 3+ years and you're honest people you tend to get a few arguments!) we always could see eye to eye and both always ended on good terms.

It really is a shame to see you have injured yourself in such a bad way :( I can understand your reasons for departing the game, as we have always told the students in our clan, real life always has to take precedence over a game. With that being said though, should you start to heal a bit more and don't have such crazy hours all the time, we would love to see you back here on the servers! You can also pop in on the forums here and there since typing once or twice can't be too much of a strain ;)

So I'd like to say on behalf of myself and quite possibly a lot of others that we appreciate what you have done here and we really hope to see you around again :) All the best with your real life out there and hopefully your wrist doesn't cause you too much trouble. Don't be a stranger and hopefully I will see you on MSN here or there or as said before, here on the forums.



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Geez Horry how am i going to be a firegod when u aint playin? i looked forward to our Bot Whoring early mornings, when i was getting over my knee operation a few years ago, and your help in getting me admitted to our great clan as a junior mod was great.Horry all the best for the future mate. from ya old mate Boges

Joke :D

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Horry! Promise you'll come say hi every now-and-then? Come and derp in shoutbox on your days off? Send me a message on facebook?

You were probably the only admin I've never really been in strife with - you were a great admin and an even better bloke, and an key factor in my donning the OZ tags for the brief time I was in the clan.

Thank you so much for the past few years of lolz and ggz, I, and the rest of the ET community, will truely miss you Gaz.

I havent even got a current pic - all you can see if grey hair!!

Will try soon - be prepared to be scared though, Im fugly as all hell.


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I feel as though this is the time where we would hand over a bouquet of flowers and wishing you well on what you will be doing after this. But also thanking you for what you have done for us as a leader and clan mate.

So, once again, thanks for all that you have done for us :p.


Well where can I start after such an formidable post?

Thank You very much Horie for all your years of service to not only OZ but to ET itself , it wouldn't be half the game it is without people like you who made this clan what it is today.

I appreciated our chat yesterday & the advice you have given me since I 1st heard of OZ clan , truly a great admin , now it's time to to say thank you on behalf of me personally & all the members & regs of our clan , it is more than a debt of gratitude we owe you sir!

Take care mate & I hope if your hand comes good soon , I hope you'll look us up , Boags will have an rnade waiting! ;)



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Well it is a realy sad site to see one of the all time greats go i'v known horus since <UO> etpro now those were the days all those years ago when I used to be good now look at me can't shoot for **** :) in saying that come on the forums regually keep up with the latest goss for et and who knows nod day you might make a triumphant return :)

In saying that I know your hand will take a long time to heal
http://i.123g.us/c/insp_recovery/card/101265.gif could not post the pic on me iPhone but click it :)



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Hai Horey, I would have posted earlier but I didn't have time to do your thread justice.

I am awfully sorry to see you go, but I totally understand your reasons.

You are one of the all time great larrakins of the game, never took offence to a playful push off a cliff. Your mod skills were second to none. The amount of abuse I have seen you cop on the chin and keep rolling is ridiculous.

If anyone deserves to bow out of the ET scene with their head held high it is you horey.

You know I have mad man-love for you, I wish you all the best in your future endevours.

The ET experience has been richer for your contributions. Keep on !flinging into the sunset.

<3 noob.

P.S. pls pop into forums / derpbox semi regularly for mad props from noob.


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Feels weird. I have uninstalled ET and after god knows how many years, I cant play ET. But it had to be done. I also have some real life stuff I have to attend to as well, and as I have always said, real life comes first.

Going to miss you lot, bloody weird but a bloke of my age is maudlin about removing a computer game - pretty pathetic but meh. Thats just me.

Going to make a few replies. Reverse order just to be different.

- Noob - manlove right back at you. Going to have to get someone to learn to !fling you at the worst possible time just as I did through years of sitting there waiting. I'll make a phone call and someone will keep flinging you for me I am sure.
-Nico - like my little little brother allowing for age, ripped me a new one each time we played but my god you have a wicked sense of humour. Loved gaming with you.
-Phil - left you out and I dont know why from the referral to UO - from memory you were there before me and still gaming away. The guru of ET - the quiet achiever - dont let him go OZ members!
-i0n - you have my phone number - always up for a chat and to provide a hand whenever - but you dont need it is the thing - you're going to develop into 10 times the leader I was. I was always the negotiator and enforcer, knew jack about computer coding. believe in yourself and you will be a legend in ET leadership
- ferny - watch out for this bloke guys - very VERY unappreciated and skilled person. I think its people like him and phil that need to come forward and have everyone know what they actually have done and continue to do in the clan, I think it will blow peoples minds
-joke - mate - what can I say? Its been fun. My picture is still hidden as the camera hasnt been developed that can withstand the fugly aspect of me....maybe one day!
bogan - my older brother - ENJOY your new position. Remember what you and I have discussed - you are going to be stepping into unfamiliar territory but ffs people - dont mess with Bogan - he wont take crap but will look out for everyone. You cant ask for more than that. Mess with him and I will pay you a visit.
-trigger - damn mate - how far back do we go? And yeah the arguements were there but by god I respected your intellect and dedication. We butted heads I think in OGN or PTGN big time from memory but we always respected each other had the right to reply and to do it publicly. I think you too are an unsung contributor who should be recognised.....and a gamer when on song ripped me a new one.

Theres so many people that I have gamed with and against - to list them all and discuss them would take pages and pages so I will desist. I just hope I have contributed satisfactorily to the community in some small way. Ive enjoyed it, trust me.


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It's sad to say goodbye to you mate, i also have fractured a finger on a punching bag .... a pain in the ...... couldnt imagine the wrist =( i hope you may drop in on the severs just for a chat so we can see how you're doing =). You're name has gone down in Over Zealous History =P hope this isn't the last we hear of Horey.



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Cya Horry was only just starting to chat to you, look after your wrist mate. I'm scared one day I'll be doing a thread similar to this, pain is not fun to live with.
Cheers Bandi
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Hey Horry, I am going to miss you around .. i was always up for a rnade challenge :p Hopefully ill get to catch up with you sometime in the near future.... Hope your wrist gets better :)

Baker Street

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Goodbye mate - it's been a privilege to game with you and to know you. ( and I'm going to miss being called a H4X ).


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One of the true gentlemen of the game. ET will not be the same without you buddy.

And sif the wrist injury was caused by a punching bag ;P

hope to cya around



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Words won't do any justice to how I feel about this bloke. A true gentleman of ET, and I'm going to sorely miss you. I won't make a huge post, but Horrie and myself got along great, and he was always there to help me out or listen to feedback from myself and the community.

Just stay safe mate.
Love rainy


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Good luck Horus, - OZ - won't be the same. I think the clan owes you a huge debt.
You are one of the most level headed admins to ever wear the tags, and I always
had fun playing against you. (that bloody r-nade!)

ah good times, good times.....

best of luck mate


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Will miss you Horry. Thanks for everything you've done for ET over the years. It's blokes like you being involved that keep people around, and enjoying the game. And not just because you make a good target. Don't be a stranger.