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Stopwatch mode on ET server

gbt/darl/gaylord still doesn't get it.
Firstly, matilda doesn't play anymore. I guess you're referring to my good friend, fredo.

Regarding stopwatch: it can only work if the lower skilled players have a decent amount of xp.
Tier one players such as yourself, kfc and lal (when he's in the mood) have superior reflexes and aim. That means once the 30 bullets run out with your (no-xp) medic smg, you can pick off players like casius, asch, vader, swizz, fredo etc at will with the pistol.
Also, without flak jackets, the lower skilled rnaders have little protection against your rifle nades, hand-thrown nades and arty. Having only 4 nades which can be launched from the no-xp rifle is also something a casius would not particularly like.

Furthermore, weapons like the panzer are completely useless without xp.

It takes a while for lower skilled players to get used to zero xp again. It's a huge disadvantage to them.

Therefore, it's unlikely stopwatch mode will be voted 'on' if there's a majority of lower skilled players on the server, unless the xp is brought across from the standard server settings.
If that's something phillgates can fix then I think sw would be much more popular with the regs.

There is one thing you're right about, gaylord: it doesn't bear thinking about being in a 3v3 sw and having casius and matilda on your team! :)
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I was just wondering if perhaps a one day a week mode change may be more suitable - Stopwatch Thursday's.

I presume this would require a cronjob to do, but may avoid any issues related to voting.

It also sounds like the stopwatch config needs some weapons balances & the map times to be shortened from their defaults.
I was just wondering if perhaps a one day a week mode change may be more suitable - Stopwatch Thursday's.
No. No. The voting is a good idea. That part is good and works well.
Having a whole day dedicated to sw is way too much.
Also we just noticed that the knife in stopwatch mode is way too powerful! One hit kills - back a or front! Zulu would freak out if he knew :happy:
lemr is loving it!!!
The whole point of SW is to not have XP, otherwise you're just playing XP save again. If we pull over XP it defeats the point.
In terms of the weapons and things, they definitely need to be tweaked...maybe someone has an old competition SW config we can use? Another thing we should add to our config is having bots turned off for SW if possible, as otherwise you need to continually vote them off. I can't remember looking to see if there were any restrictions on classes or weapons, but again probably something to look at in terms of whether they should all be unlocked (e.g your entire team can be panzer / rnade if you wish) or if there is a good balance of what should be available based on team sizes. Lastly was around map times, we probably want to cap most maps to 15 mins or 20 mins max, as playing out a 30 min map for a full hold is arduous!

Just a few thoughts, but great work so far and looking forward to ironing out the kinks for some good games :)



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Well i have to say the config that i pulled across was from the funnight config eg why the dmg for some weaps are higher, only just did some tweeks on some of the other settings forgot to do weaps :)

as to the bots that is an easy fix to have them off
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ok went through the weapons yes there were 4 that i changed to what we had in the normal pub config (flamer, mg, mg42, and the sniper class), the rest were the same knife i put down so people dont go splat was my fun :D will take maybe 2-3 hits to kill


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Just played on stopwatch for the first time on the server and the things I noticed as are follows
Maptime was too long
Axis spawntime was 20 sec not 30 sec
Matilda and swizz as predicted just went rnade etc and didn't advance on attack
The people who only play allies for some reason all went spec after the first round
Some people went spec after first round crying out 'why is it this map again'
I got abused for /killing

So unfortunately I see this whole thing as a waste of time. Great idea in theory, but as I've said before with the community you have it will just never work.
Sad react only because decent stopwatch games are 1000000x more enjoyable than just running around aimlessly killing people/looking for the allied team hiding towards their own spawn
Can OZ please fix the sw settings?
Firstly, it appears that everyone is running around way too fast.
Secondly, it doesn't do what it's supposed to do after the 1st of the two phases (KFC can explain better than me).

Bottom-line: we don't use sw settings at all. We use usual settings and manually record times then manually switch teams at end of phase one hoping that nobody votes for another map! :cigar::cigar::dead::dead:
If just one person votes for another map it's all ruined.

There's a core group that like playing sw late at night - KFC, ted, fredo, firey, wombat and a couple others I've forgetten - and would be nice if sw was working properly.

Many thanks for reading.
Oh and another bad setting - knife is one slash kill!
Which delights lemr to no end, but infuriates everyone else!
If you (oz) could just make the settings the same as the usual (ETPub) settings but with the stopwatch features turned on that'd really be great!

Thanks again
(mat, on behalf of fredo)


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as i stated in a different post there is a bug with the timer on the second round i have tried to fix it in the config wise but i believe it is in the code
with the running speed it is default speed in the config 320 which is the same in the pub settings
with the knife soz i left it bit to high should take 2-3 hits now


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that is so weird the time for round 2 is working now for some unknown reason i know there was a bug with it might still be a bug but it is working for me now