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SuperNova GOLDCOAST!!! - Who's Coming

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For those of you who don't know what Supernova is, it's like Comicon! If you don't know what Comicon is... google it..

Lots of cool people will be there naming a few, the Terminator woman, the Weasly BRothers from harry potter AND Will Wheaton from Big Bang Theory!

As per usual SuperNova will be doing the following events - Signings, Screenings of new anime, Master Classes, Dubbing sessions, Huge section on new video games and hopefully some exclusive announcements only announced there, Card games (like MTG... whoot!), Table Top Gaming, Karaoke, Wrestling (This is the worst thing you will ever see there..) and a few seminars for designers and such.

To all guys who think it's just a nerdy thing, I'm told this year there will be many a girl there so if girls are your thing.. apparently you should be there.

The event is hosted between the 21st and the 22nd of April! You can book tickets from the URL below!

There will be a bunch of merchandise and body guards to prevent nerd fights and illegal photography...

I should be going! - So if anyone else is interested to come I'll get to meet you! I plan to cosplay (dress up as a anime or another character), I'm just unsure as of who currently. I'm quite keen to use hairspray for some reason... so whatever it is be sure that I'll be utilizing lots of hairspray..

Check out the rest at www.supanova.com.au