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Take Two State of Origin



Already we are going to get this working nd i am going to see it through, before assignments and test get the better of me i wanna start the organisation cause with qcs around the corner and my formal aswell i dont know when this will be able to kick off. Alright so the teams are as folllowed please read carefully and nominate one team to represent. If you care to be a captain then also put your name down. I will frequently be posting with the teams lists and editting the first post so have a look out and watch this space :) But for name remember team selected and also team captain yes or no.

VIC & outkasts
NZ & outkasts

BTW TEAMS OF 6, so first in best dressed unless captains decide otherwise :)

Team so far :)

Queensland WINNNERS :D with Para,Gtrain

New South Crybabes :p with Yourself, Wicked

VIC & outkasts with Death_Reincarnated


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Chuck me in the VIC team pls.
I can play Monday-Wednesday-Friday atm.

As long as the servers are booked on GA (melb based I assume) and no more than 8v8 on server then I should be fine with ping. (250-350 I can handle)


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ill be NSW and actually turn up this time, as long as it dusnt clash with formal or massive exams (there are a few coming up over the next 2 weeks so try schedule it for after then)


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the day of the game should be discussed between the captains of the teams (so tell us who is playing and then the capt. have to tell you a day for the game within 24 hours of the forum post)

i can be a cpt for qld. id be happy to co cap with gtrain


It looks like I may not be able to play as my wifes birthday is on that day and I,ll be rather busy...IF I can I will attend...sorry for the lateness...err...I forgot her birthday...shooot me....she would have...LoL