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Teamspeak 3 - Rules|Donations|Requests

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Code of Conduct for Teamspeak 3:

* Do not spam messages in the chat
* Do not play or stream music in any channel except the music channel.
* The use of voice changes, morphing or enchancers is prohibited, you will be kicked for it, multiple offenses will lead to a ban.

Silver & Gold Donator Priv Channel Request

To get access to your private channel, send a private message to a moderator with the name of the channel you woud like created. Once the channel has been created*, the temporary password will be given to you and next time you are online Channel admin will be provisioned to you for your channel.**

We have now enabled the ability for users to change their channel names without requests. Please abide by these guidelines for naming convention.

1. Channel name must contain the username who donated as the first word, e.g. Racoon's Fun Room
2. The use of innapropraite language or slurs is prohibited, if found using this your privelage will be revoked.

Reserved Slots: Gold Donators are the only group currently that have them as well as TS3 Administrators. Gold Donators request this through a moderator. Reserved slots allow a user to enter TS3 when it is full on a private slot dedicated to you.**

* You will get notified when the channel is created via PM on the forum.
** You will need to present on TS3 for private slots and channel admin of your private channel to be setup.
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