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Passed Tempest36's application for League of Legends

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Heyy there! I am Tempest (Or Matt) I have been playing games for ages now, and I found League just over a year ago now. I play all the roles with confidence, but I excel in AD and solo top roles.

As of right now, I am a full time uni student. But I have been given an ultimatum about becoming a 'professional' gamer or completing my uni course, and as of right now becoming a professional gamer is more appealing ^_^. I enjoy writing novels and fan - fictions. And much like your application outline, I find Katy Perry very attractive, among many other actresses/singers ^_^

I feel as though I would bring a very positive reinforcement to OZ gaming, as well as a confident and an 'eager to learn' player to OZ gaming. If I put my mind to something I will fulfill that particular job with exceptional effort and precision to detail. I am also a very adaptable player, so I can fulfill many roles that the team would require.

I started playing on the N64, my favourite game was Super Mario 64, I only got 76 out of 120 stars though D: I have always played RTS games, and have participated in the professional Supreme Commander scene a couple of times, with varying degrees of success. I also play FPS games, playing many hours of MW3 and MW2.

Thanks for your time and for looking at my application :D
Not open for further replies.