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Tessatjuuh's application (:

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Hello! My name is Tessa, I am 15 years old [16 in 2 months] and live in Holland.
I would like to become a moderator on the server because I could fit the position, since I have the urge to help people a lot. Could be because I always kind of wait for people to tell me what to do, I think that makes me quite reliable.

I don’t really have any experience with being a mod although I was able to ban/kick people on a previous server called llamacraft.com,
I haven’t used any of the commands though because the server got disbanded 2 weeks after that.

I really like this server because everyone is so kind and funny, no real permanent meaniebums that spam the world with curses and fights. No one is rude and the owners are really nice and helpful, so are the admins, hence why I want to become one and be as helpful as I can, but not too nice because that would be unfair.
I think it would also come in handy because then I got some responsibility which could help me personally.
Looking after the server would be a new experience and I would very much enjoy being a more active part of the server.

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