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Thatlvl3dude's Jnr Moderator Application [NOT PASSED]

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Hello, Welcome.
My name is Nick, I'm 16 and I live in NSW Australia.
The postion of a "Junior Moderator" has recent opened up, and this my attempt to apply for such position.

I feel I would be good player for such a postion, because I show players respect and I don't tend to abuse people.
Now these aren't great qualities, what makes a Moderator is how the players see the person, now I don't know how I'm seen through the players eyes, or even the Admins.

I would assume Admins thoughts towards me are rather annoyed, or frustrated. Recently, usually with Dale I have been causing "problems" (I.e Aruging points that I feel the rules don't cover, therefor players shouldn't be punished) I never quiet win, and I do it because personally I love to have a debate. If I pushed an admin too far before, then my apologies.

If I'm chosen, I'll actually be able to be on the server most days. Due to some real life circumstances I'm not able to return to school till Year 11, next year.

Now, I don't intend to make up some big story how I was the "Admin of some server, with like 1000 players" as, this damages the chance because I'm sure these facts are checked (y) (>.< Please tell me we have thumbs up...)
So here's my best shot, if I'm not choosen then so be it, I won't take it personally nor will it chance how I play.

Thanks for reading.
Not open for further replies.